All Kartoon Motor Caricature images are 100% Genuine and owned by Frizbee Limited, We wish to make it 100% clear to all our customers that all our designs have not been endorsed by any of the motor manufacturers and we make it very clear that we are not associated in any way with these manufacturers so we do not claim to be offering genuine merchandise from these manufactuers plus we can confirm we do not supply any of our images to such manufacturers.

Names and trade marks are used solely for descriptive purposes and do not imply that we are associated with any of the manufacturers. We wish to make this 100% clear that any goods purchased from us are 100% Kartoon and by ordering from us you are accepting our terms of conditions. Colour Changes………It most cases we do not have issues changing our images to your chosen colour, but in some cases with neutral original colours we can only do the best we can but will advise prior to manufacture by email.